Office Visits

We are always excited about meeting new patients during their first visit to our office.

Your initial appointment will consist of a thorough examination and a discussion of potential treatment options. This important 30-45 minute visit will address the orthodontic needs of you or your child.

During the initial examination for each patient, Dr. Dudley will address the following questions that cover the basics of orthodontic treatment. We encourage you to ask questions as well.

  1. Is this a condition that orthodontics can address?
  2. Is treatment needed now or should treatment be delayed until appropriate growth, tooth eruption or other factors have occurred?
  3. What treatment procedures will be used to correct the problem?
  4. Do any permanent teeth need to be removed?
  5. How long will treatment take?
  6. How much will it cost?
  7. What are my payment options?

We will answer these general questions about treatment during the initial examination and discuss treatment options, time frames and financial arrangements. We insist that our patients leave the office with a clear understanding of their specific needs, what the treatment will consist of and how long it will take.

Please assist us by providing the following information at the time of your first visit:

  • Any panoramic (full mouth) X-ray taken within the past six months.
  • Completed printed New Patient form

Diagnostic Records & Treatment Planning Appointment

If it is determined that treatment is indicated, you will be scheduled for diagnostic records. These records usually consist of study models, diagnostic photographs and orthodontic x-rays. Once these orthodontic records have been obtained, Dr. Dudley will review them and determine a specific treatment plan for your orthodontic needs. Then we will organize the necessary appointments to begin your orthodontic treatment and set up financial arrangements for you.

Successive Visits

Periodic visits are an important part of orthodontic treatment. Generally, we will want to see you every 6 to 8 weeks to check your progress and make adjustments to your orthodontic appliances. During this time, you will need to keep appointments, follow instructions, eat nutritiously and practice good oral hygiene. You will also need to keep your routine cleanings, and cavity checkup with your general dentist during your orthodontic care. We are an aid to your general dentist and not a replacement.