Braces Colours: How to Pick the Best Braces Colour For Your Teeth

Braces are worn for months or years, so if you want to brighten up your smile with coloured braces – even if yours are temporary, and whether you’re an adult or a child – choose the colour you love that suits your personal style.

Blue, red, purple, green, and pink are some of the most common colours to choose from. The options are endless, choose your school colours, your favourite sports team’s colours or create fun colour combinations.

If you’re wearing braces and want to change up your look with coloured ones, here are some tips on how to choose the right colour to enhance your beautiful smile. Check out the following information and consult our experts at The Orthodontic Place for advice.

What Are Coloured Braces?

It’s not the wires on traditional metal braces that are coloured but the rubber bands that go around the brackets that are. They’re a popular option for people who want to add a touch of colour, flair and personality to their braces. With an array of colours on offer, you can choose the ones that best suit your personal style.

The Cost of Coloured Braces

The cost braces will vary depending on the type of braces you choose and the colours you want. However, adding colour to your braces is FREE! Coloured braces are available for both metal and ceramic types. Metal braces are usually the most affordable, which makes them more commonly chosen. Ceramic braces are more expensive and less noticeable than the metal types.

Popular Colours For Braces

No matter what colours you choose, make sure you love it. Also, the colours will be changed at each adjustment visit, so you can have FUN with it!

Some of the most popular brace colours are:

  • Blue is a popular choice that is both stylish and versatile. It can go with just about any outfit.
  • Green is also an excellent choice for people who want to stand out. It’s also a complimentary colour for people with lighter skin tones.
  • Purple is a sophisticated and elegant colour that is perfect for all ages.
  • Pink is a fun, feminine colour perfect for anyone looking for a vibrant pop of colour.
  • Red is great for a pop of vibrant colour for everyone and is especially popular around the festive seasons.
  • BLACK is just great with everything!


Braces Colours to Avoid

Unfortunately, not every colour works for everyone. Some colours used in orthodontic treatment may look great on one person, but they may not be complementary to your skin tone or personal style.

  • White or clear colour sound great, but they can turn into an off-white colour after drinking and eating certain foods. They can also make your teeth appear yellow since your tooth enamel may not be as naturally white as the coloured bands.

Ultimately, the best way to choose coloured bands for braces is to experiment and see what looks best on you. There is no right or wrong answer, and it all comes down to personal preference.

The Pros & Cons of Coloured Braces

If you are considering getting coloured braces, talk to your Orthodontist about the pros and cons to see if they suit you. You may be shown a braces colour wheel to help you choose.

Depending on your Orthodontist’s policy, you may change your braces colours if you don’t like them or feel like a change. Most Orthodontists will allow you to change your colours every six to eight weeks.

Braces Colours Pros:

  • Coloured braces can add a touch of personality to your braces treatment.
  • Many different colours are available for braces, so you can choose the ones that best suit your style.

Braces Colours Cons:

  • Some colours may not be as durable as others.

Also, practising good oral hygiene to remove all the harmful bacteria is important, and consult your Orthodontist for expert advice before choosing to have coloured braces.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Coloured Braces

Do braces colours fade? Yes, braces’ colours can fade, especially if exposed to food and drinks that can cause staining, such as tea and coffee, cigarette smoke, etc.

However, most Orthodontists will replace the bands for free at regular appointments. If you can’t possibly choose to select only one colour, then try mixing colours and making patterns.

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