4 Teeth Straightening Options to Get Your Best Smile

Teeth alignment is more popular in this age of appearance enhancements, but also so people feel more confident when they smile. There are other reasons for seeing your orthodontist and dentist to discuss how you can have a healthily aligned set of teeth, including orthodontic treatment to provide a better bite,  reduce wear, and improve oral hygiene and gum disease.

The good news is that teeth-straightening options to align your teeth are a good investment and may be less expensive and easier than you realise. The best thing to do is visit an orthodontist, and they’ll be able to recommend the most suitable teeth straightening options that you’re eligible for.

We’ve summarised below 5 teeth straightening options you could choose from to achieve those beautiful, straight, pearly whites.

Metal braces

Metal or traditional braces are among the most popular form of orthodontic treatment. These days, metal braces are much smaller and more comfortable. Metal braces are most commonly used for teens and kids, but they’re also an option for adults, particularly those who are on tight budgets. With these, traditional braces are attached to your teeth and connected to them with a fine wire. At regular intervals, the wires are gradually tightened, aligning your teeth and correcting your bite.

Ceramic braces

For effective teeth straightening options to improve your smile, both adults and older teens often choose ceramic braces and treatments which are not quite as obvious as traditional braces. Ceramic braces have either tooth-coloured or clear brackets and may come with an option for wires that are also the same colour as teeth. Even though they are not as visible, ceramic braces have the same effect and in the same time frame as metal braces.

Clear Aligners

These braces are almost clear plastic aligners that can provide an almost invisible alternative to fixed braces but are generally better suited to correcting less severe orthodontic problems. Clear aligners are removable and virtually invisible, but it is required for the aligners to be worn consistently otherwise the treatment maybe not be as effective. A well-known example of clear aligners is Invisalign.

Removable plates

The corrections these plates provide are only limited so they’re not considered a true alternative to braces or aligners. However, removable plates are often used for young children who still have baby teeth. And while they may be very effective for correcting some simpler problems in young patients, braces may be necessary when the child’s adult teeth grow through in later years.

It is always wise to talk with your orthodontist about the teeth straightening options best for your particular dental situation.

What is the best option for straightening teeth?

What method is good for one set of teeth straightening may not be good for another, but if cost is a concern, most orthodontists would advise that you follow traditional braces. This means for 18-24-months of treatment you’ll probably pay generally anywhere from $5,500 to $9,000 – however this will all vary depending on your teeth alignment issues and situation. If you’d like to know which teeth straightening option is best for you, get in touch with the team at The Orthodontic Place today – your local, friendly orthodontic clinic.

Is it too late to straighten my teeth as an adult?

Anyone at any age can straighten their teeth, but adult orthodontics is effective even though corrective treatments as a grownup can be more complex due to tooth decay, missing teeth, fillings, bridges or other dental interventions. Specialist orthodontist Dr Sara Dudley at The Orthodontic Place is highly experienced, and will provide the most suitable and effective teeth straightening options whatever your age may be.

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